Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Joy of Watching Him Read

I snapped this photo of my Dad this afternoon. He's reading a large print edition of Laura Hillenbrand's stunning new book, Unbroken.  I thought he would enjoy learning about a contemporary of sorts, a man born in New York state in 1917. Louie Zamperini, had a far different life than my Dad.  He survived an almost unbelievable series of life and soul threatening experiences  in service as an air-force bombardier in the Pacific during World War II. Hillenbrand, the author of another bestseller, Seabiscuit writes about Zamperini's life and experiences so deftly I found putting this book down  tough, really tough.

Dad likes this book. The last few times I've stopped by for a visit, I've found him in his chair studying the pages.  I was glad to talk with him about the book today. Sometimes when I visit there's not much to say. But, with Unbroken, we could go on and on.

This is a highly recommended read and a piece of  American history. Mr. Zamperini, now 94, just like my Dad, is still living and worked with Hillenbrand for a number of years to document his life.  His  mind blowing war experience aside, (lost at sea, drifting for weeks in a raft without food or water and his gruesome time as an American POW in the Japanese camps)  he  also starred as an Olympic quality athlete as a young man and as an older man, overcame what would now be termed PTSD related to his war experience. No end of praise for this book and for this amazing man.

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  1. Hey, dear Kate! I just took my dad to the bookstore yesterday and he wanted to find this book. He told me that I had told him that you had shared about your dad reading this and its impact on your father. I had no idea what he was talking about. Then he said that it was from the same author who wrote Seabiscuit. So we searched and found it. I still didn't remember the connection until I came home and looked up "Books" on your blog. I think I must have shown him your blog site and he read this entry. He's very excited about finding it and has promised to lend it to me when he finishes it. I wish that he could meet your dad.

    Just wanted to share with you. He always asks about you. Your blog is a wonderful window into your life. So glad you write it!


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