Friday, March 23, 2012

Kirby Drive

If you roll down the car windows along Kirby Drive between Bissonnet and the Southwest Freeway, the sweet smell of smoked meat coupled with the pungent bliss of grilled fajitas permeates the air. This morning we didn't have to open windows at all, so dense was the savory wonder of those aromas. This is Houston to me; the olfactory pinnacle.

Today we had Mexican breakfast at Goode Company Tacqueria and in a short while, we'll return to Kirby Drive and stop in at Goode Company BBQ. I'm not even hungry. But, I can eat. (Kind of lkike the lyrics on a totally different topic of Ms. Whitney..."It's not right, but it's OK". Sigh. You do what you must in situations like this.


  1. What's not to love about Houston's food? It's terrific. Every mouthful. Glad you got to visit all of your favorite places. Great weekend.

  2. All my favorite places! Great memories!


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