Monday, March 26, 2012

Left Houston: Arrived Seattle

How much can be packed into 72 hours?

Our trip to Houston for Carrie and Rob's Wedding weekend whirl-winded us into a good understanding of how much can be accomplished in three days. From the time we stepped off the plane on Thursday afternoon in Houston to the time we took our seats for the return flight home we were on the go (except for those hours spent supine in dreamland). These hours of so called slumber passed with rocket speed and we awakened each morning to the call of the day ahead. Move, eat, see, chat, reflect, celebrate, hug, cry, and.....then, more eating. And then, more eating. Repeat all activities with abandon.

We had a wonderful time and left with many memories.

We also had our moments of angst, frustration, and divided objectives. This is an honest accounting of time spent in the close company of five other loved ones. Despite the expected ups and downs, the bottom line was a kick-ass fun time. Two in our party had never been to Houston and introducing them to the delights the rest of us have enjoyed in this southeast Texas "Mecca" was great.

We enjoyed three amazing family events: the rehearsal dinner party at The Cadillac Bar to honor Carrie and Rob, Tejano style.

The wedding ceremony the following evening was a creative, wonderful blend of joy, love,and humor,  punctuated by moments of surprise including bold music (the bride walked down the aisle on her father's arm to electric guitar music from AC/DC) and two lay officiants. The service reflected perfectly Carrie and Rob's personalities and left me with such good feelings about their lives together. They were made for each other.

Then it was on to Brennans, the French Cajun inspired restaurant with old world charm, for the reception, dinner and dancing. Why do wedding celebrations pass in an instant?  The clock moved quickly towards the new day and all the festivities; food, drink, dancing, and merriment came to an end by midnight.
Carrie Made the Cake


On Sunday, J.T. and Trish hosted a goodbye party for Carrie and Rob who leave for their honeymoon tomorrow. The party was low keyed and all about family and close friends of the bride and groom. A two person steel band played Caribbean tunes as we feasted on more great food and more of Carrie's great cake.

Congratulations to Carrie and Rob!  We had a blast at your wedding weekend!


  1. Love your photos. Good commentary on a fine family wedding weekend.

  2. She made a beautiful bride. Thanks for sharing. SMF


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