Thursday, March 22, 2012

Left Seattle: Arrived Houston

The six of us joined up with 3 Klebans and 4 McGradys at Seatac Airport this morning making an excited group of 13 bound for a wedding weekend in Houston. This is Carrie and Rob's weekend of celebration and we're thrilled to be a part of the festivities. Plus, this is Houston; say it again: Hous....ton Town.

As we trooped onto the plane I felt my Mom's presence; she wouldn't have liked bidding goodbye to 13 (wow, what a number on top of everything else) very special people all at once. Although I miss her, I was glad her spirit flies in a different dimension because if she is aware of our comings and goings, she's likely NOT worrying.

The flight buzzed by faster than usual. Just off the plane, we marveled at the sunshine and warm breeze having left the chill and grey of the Northwest far behind. It wasn't long before the pull of the first feast of the 3 day weekend  assumed priority #1. Not surprisingly, we picked The 59 Dinner. We all ordered the same meal: chicken tenders with fries and honey mustard dipping sauce with a milkshake or malt on the side. Oh my; the memories of yesteryear, the taste, the ambiance, the joy of introducing a slice of our past to Heather and Scott who see Houston with new eyes.

We've laughed more than we've stressed. The family dynamic is always slightly below the surface. Denny and I are surfing the invisible but palpable waves of energy emanating from our beloved, adult children. Once a parent, always a parent.

Someone brought this insanely big suitcase

The four young ones. I remember those days.....

A place for "eating heavy".

And tomorrow? We have our day mapped out. Three meals, multiple stops along the way to see our 3 former homes in Houston, various not-to-be-missed spots, the Texas Medical Center, and maybe a stop at Fiesta to stock up on  Dickies Peanut Patties or to share a pint of Blue Bell ice cream with 6 spoons.

Weddings bring families together like little else (except funerals...). Weddings are way more fun.

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