Thursday, September 13, 2007

Colorado Point

Ahhhhh, I found this breathtaking photograph of the Natural Bridge at Colorado Point on the Internet yesterday. The view is unusual in that it is taken at eye level, right down at water's edge, a place I've never dared venture for fear of huge waves and inherent danger. The waters look amazingly calm but waves and foam likely boiled up moments after this photograph was taken. That's what Colorado Point is all about; unpredictable wind, water and wildness.

When I die, I would like my ashes turned free at this Natural Bridge in Aruba. It is truly one of my most favorite places on the planet. I never tire of the contrast between volcanic rock and restless water. It is said that well below the surface, the waters are calm. The contrast between the wild and the peaceful coupled with the ever changing beauty as the wind and waves carve a new landscape appeals. And, since I've never had the courage to ever walk across the bridge or get anywhere close, I'll need to wait. Hopefully, it will be a long, long time.



  1. Love your blog. As someone with a true fondness for Aruba, I would love to hear more of your thoughts about the island.

  2. Kate, the Lago High School Class of 62 is very curious about who you are! You must be younger than we are, but you have the lagoon water in your blood, just as we do! I was born in Lago Hospital as were most of my classmates. We just had a week together, as a class with additional family members, at the Boardwalk casitas in Noord. We had the entire place, for a week and spilled over to the Buffam's Tropical Haven bed and breakfast and the Amsterdam Manor, as well.

    Do you keep up with your classmates on Larry Riggs's Lago Bulletin Board? and, do you stay in touch with the web site by Dan Jensen:

    We are looking forward to info about your Lago Colony connections!

    My father was Arie Gravendijk, the Head Cashier and my step-mother was the school teacher, Alice Gravendijk. They left in 1962, after I graduated from Lago High.

    More, made my taste buds hungry for nasi goreng, by the way!

    Susanne Gravendijk

  3. Oh, I forgot. We will be eternal neighbors..along with the Lago kids and grown ups who are already enjoying the wonderful winds of home on Colorado Point by our own natural bridge! Lots of my own childhood friends from Lago Colony want to be with us in the shadow of the natural bridge.

    Susanne Gravendijk
    Lago Class of '62

  4. Regarding your favorite place, the natural bridge behind Colorado Point, there is a picture of me there when I was 9 or 10 in 1946 or '47 in Dan Jensen's website: Williams, Early Years. About ten years ago, I climbed down there (a bit dangerous) and took another picture of myself by the little pond of water. It's really beautiful!

    Gene Williams, class of '54

  5. Kate, I was lucky enough to live with my husband C.C. Duke in the early 1990's in San Nicolas. He was working at the Coastal plant, and we lived in the apartments owned by Roland and Marta Peterson. Our favorite "get away" was Colorado Point. Though C.C. and I never ventured to the bottom of the point, my children Jennifer and Clayton Smith did during their Christmas vacation of 1990. I will try and find those pictures to share with you. Aruba, and especialy Colorado Point hold such special memories for me. I have since lost C.C.(in 2005), but I would give all I have to stand beside him one more time him atop Colorado Point. Please know how blessed you were, Kate, to grow up there.
    Peggy Duke


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