Saturday, September 15, 2007

The "Nothing Storm"

Granted, I sounded dramatic yesterday describing my personal "perfect storm". Although the three limbs of the storm had potential to brew into disaster absolutely nothing untoward occurred. Mom and Dad were better last evening; Dad suffered no injuries after his fall earlier in the day and Mom had a very restful night once she took the proper medicines at bedtime. I worked my eight hours and although there were ups and downs, there were no big issues in clinic or the hospital. But, the best part was that Laura and her friend drove west on I 90 and hung a right in Seattle onto I 5 north, ending up in Bellingham safely by mid evening. I learned today that she did much of the driving; hopefully it wasn't when I was on the phone with her, "checking up".

And today is another regular day. There are no big ups and no big downs which suits me just fine. Seeing Laura after three weeks was a treat but she was in and out of the house quickly, currently out to dinner with friends. The sweetest part of today has been the food and drink; I've enjoyed a Victoria Cream (from Victoria, B.C.) and a tall, iced Americano from Tully's. Divine, and I am pumped up on sugar and caffeine. Now, here comes the pizza from Romio's. Not exactly low cal , but hey, I deserve it.

I dodged a storm.

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