Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More about Granny....and Gramps

Yesterday's entry about the "Granny Factor" segues nicely into a post about the general term "Granny". This is clearly a very positive word in my vocabulary. I don't recognize the negative connotations: the implication of aging, being "over the hill", or no longer being capable, agile or strong. In fact, I honor the word; it is both amusing to me and an accolade. Even though I am not yet a grandmother, when and if I ever am, I want to be known as "Granny". In fact, there are some who already call me this; notably a best friend of Chris's dating back to kindergarten days. Whenever "Topher or Toe" (as I call him) comes in our front door or sees me he faithfully acknowledges our meeting by saying, "Hey Granny, how's it going?" I love it. To be Granny is at once feisty and wise, familiar and loving. What's not to like?

As for Denny, he is affectionately referred to by Chris as "Gramps" and by Topher as "Slick". He prefers the name Gramps (over others that have been tried through the years, like Grumpa or Grunt, obviously less desirable although perhaps descriptive at times). I guess he too has picked his name for if/when we get to that place in time where grandchildren exist.

So, here's to all the cool Grannies around....remember Granny from The Beverly Hillbillies? She kicked butt.

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