Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Mojito oops....

Last night I tried to re-create the Discovery Park Blackberry mojitos as a little treat for Denny and me at the end of a long day (see post from 8/25/07). They tasted a bit "off" to me; I couldn't figure out why but it wasn't like they were awful. We managed to each drink two. Perhaps it was the blackberry puree becoming a bit old in the fridge or too much club soda or not enough sugar and lime. Nonetheless we drank them and I photographed them.

Mojito making is a sticky mess and I left the clean-up till later only to learn that Denny took on the job. After all was said and done, the real discovery in these "Discovery Mojitos" was learning from Denny that I had made the drinks with crushed basil leaves instead of mint leaves...... I must have been very distracted (see yesterday's entry regarding Mom's pills) not to notice the difference between a basil leaf and a mint leaf. Perhaps something like Mom mixing up her AM and PM medications?

I wouldn't recommend basil Bojitos (as Denny called them). They just aren't as good, even with a shot of fresh blackberry puree......

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