Sunday, September 16, 2007

Summer shoes left behind....

She was in and out like a dream yesterday; we saw our dear daughter for several hours before she left with friends for dinner. When they returned, they ousted us from the family room so they could watch movies. By 10 PM I was in bed and she popped in to say, "goodbye Mom" and she was out the door again. Today she is on the road with her girlfriend, headed back on I-90 east to Spokane, the visit just a brief memory but sweet nonetheless.
She dropped off summer wear in her bedroom but left these shoes behind, on the kitchen floor. A small reminder (and proof) that she was here, but is gone again. The time for white sandals is over.

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  1. So poignant to see her summer sandals discarded in the kitchen, no longer needed. I bet she knew you'd put them safely away until her return. Or maybe not.


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