Sunday, July 12, 2009


I've a little timer off on the right hand side of my blog that counts down the days to my "Blogoversary", the anniversary of my blog's inception back in August 2007. There are 43 days until that moment arrives and I'm starting to think about what I'm doing with this blog, where it's going and what (if anything) this adventure in writing is preparing me for. All along I've felt that blogging was a jumping off point to somewhere else. I'll never be one of those big time bloggers whose sites are read widely and whose voice is recognized "out there". Nor will I advertise on my blog and earn money off my postings. What is the purpose, I wonder?

There have been times when I've given up blogging, once for as long as 2 plus weeks, feeling that I was done with it all. Then back at it I'd be, writing regularly about all the usual topics, my mind full of ideas for the next post, pictures at the ready in case the blog would be better for illustrative photographs. I'm starting to have that restless feeling again about blogging. I recognize that other bloggers experience this ambivalence regularly; they muse about where they are going, what's the point?, what does it mean? and the like.

I've given myself the 47 days to ponder this further; 2 years blogging sounds like a nice time to either launch in a new direction or re-commit with passion to more of the same, at least for the foreseeable future. No question that this blog is a chronicle of my life. When I'm losing it mentally, these blog posts, copied off the computer and stored in a 3 ring binder, will spark my memory.

For now, I plan to keep ahead of that daunting wave.


  1. i love reading your thoughts daily. nance

  2. I've wondered about the same issues myself -- why blog, why keep it up. Still have no pat answer to it. Sometimes, I think that even if it's only for myself or my kids or my eventual grandchildren, I'm writing the stories of my life and touching on what's important to me. Maybe that's enough.

  3. I feel the same as's hoping you stick around in blogland!

  4. You go! Blogging keeps us in touch with ourselves and is surely a creative exercise. Like playing piano scales. We practice for playing the good stuff. Like writing the books and poems.


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