Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lazy July 4th


  1. is this your puddy- tat?

    I am not sure what possessed me to write it that way but I'm going to be bold (?) and not delete it to write something more sophisticated, lol.

  2. Yes, indeed. This is Boo although we usually call him "the rat".

  3. Very pretty markings. And very luxuriously lazy. I have a lot to learn from cats. I LOVE cats but am too allergic to have ones.. none, not the hairless, not ones I give baths to every week, not ones on special diets. I am literally one step short of the girl in the plastic bubble, and doing as much as I have (I don't know if you follow or peek in on my animal blog) has been a miracle. I struggle, but limit my exposure in trade for the sheer JOY.

    I did have a cat once, when I was 10 -- by 12 I had walking pneumonia, pleirisy, bronchitis, and by 15 could not sleep, having terrible asthma attacks etc... That was the end for me. I loved that cat with every cell in my little body.


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