Wednesday, July 29, 2009


We hit 103 degrees in Seattle today; a record not just for the date but for all of recorded history. Working on the 7th floor of a poorly air conditioned clinic today was misery. I threw off the white coat, dreamed of rounding in a bathing suit, drank tons of water, and ate Popsicles. The wimpy fan on my desk blew hot air, creating a bit of a stir but offering little relief. We were an office of whiners today.

The drive home with the A/C blowing full blast provided interim relief.

Now home, the house feels opressively HOT. We've at least one more day of pain before a bit of relief.

Just as Seattle is ill prepared for a week of snow (remember December 2008?), Seattle is also ill prepared for a week of blistering heat.


  1. Are you sure you live in Seattle? My, those are some seriously high temps you're having. Keep your hair wet - that's my secret.

  2. Hi Kate. I had no idea it was that hot in Seattle right now. Incredible! And for those without air conditioning, it must be unbearable.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I can't wait to read yours. It looks great!

  3. Maybe you could reminisce about Houston days?

  4. lol to what Wendy said. Probably good advice. I have had a break from triple digits in Houston by being in VT and Martha's Vineyard, home tomorrow night though. On the East coast it's been unseasonably cool and rainy, as was all of June... can it all be due to global warming - odd temps altogether?

  5. I'm amazed at the news accounts of how hot it is there. I never experienced that heat in 18 years of living there! We've got only up to 85 degrees, here in LA!

    Stay cool!

  6. Weather extremes at both ends for you in the past eight months. Hope your heat wave is short-lived and that August brings the perfect summer weather for all of us.


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