Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Eighth Month

August is here; a new month flips over. Usually that's a "good". This time? Well, August is not exactly my favorite month and the reasons for that are complex, mostly related to the accelerated rate of change in light at these higher latitudes. But, I digress. August.

In this month many things happen.

Chris moves out after a two month stay at home. This is the the big move out; engaged with wedding plans for November, he journeys out to a new "home base". In fact, his "bags are packed" and he's "ready to go" so to speak as of today although I suspect that this will be a move that occurs over stages and days. He's borrowed this van and the help of some buddies to haul most of his stuff down I-5, the 40 miles or so to his new rental house on the "the Harbor" as he calls his new hometown. We are excited for his future in Gig Harbor, his plans with Heather, and his new life ahead but the move itself brings out the bitter with the sweet. One chapter closes, another opens. It's all good.

Laura heads back to school later this month for her senior year at G.U. Our house, once again, will be very, very quiet. There will be only two "big people" around here after three months of what I call "big people" (my term for grown up) and "big people's" friends populating the rooms of our home. That will feel strange indeed. Quiet and strange.

The days will grow shorter. The nights will grow longer.

This is Birthday Month. I will try to honor (note: not celebrate) my birthday. This is not a milestone birthday but an important one because it ends in a five. Two of Denny's sisters will celebrate birthdays in August; one shares the same day with me. My Mom will turn 92 and one of her great grandsons will turn 5, also celebrating on the same day she does.

My Dad will have 2 teeth pulled.

I will continue physical therapy for this frozen shoulder of mine.

I will go to work and take on call duties two weekends this month.

The Danskin Triathlon will come and go. I won't be participating this year.

These are the things that I think I know. Plus, there are many more things that stay locked in my head. What may be waiting for me as a nice surprise or a not-so-nice-twist-of-fate are things beyond my control. In fact, even what I think I know is beyond my control. Sigh.

I suspect September will come; the days will start to cool, the longer shadows and the hint of autumn may work a kind of subtle magic, consuming August and its 31 days into a mist of memory.

Surrender, Kate


  1. ...and the blackberries of August? Wish I were there with you to pick them in warm sun and then make vinegar and ice cream and mojitos.

  2. Since I've quit teaching I like August. I like the hot weather minus the humidity, the cooler nights, and the fruits and vegetables that become available from local and away. Most of my best friends have birthdays in July and August, which I had never considered before.... As a kid I always wished I had a summer birthday. My winter birthday made it impossible to have an outdoor party as a child. Happy August Birthday, Kate!

  3. Dear Kate,
    Why "honor" and not "celebrate" your birthday?
    Wondering Wendy

  4. That's a whole lotta change for one little month. Hope things go well...sorry to hear about the Daskin. Next year!


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