Sunday, August 2, 2009

Love those Blues.....

SeaFair weekend draws to a close for another year. The Blue Angels were spectacular as always. Saturday, Denny and I watched the show from our favorite (relatively secret...shh..) vantage point above Lake Washington along with a growing legion of other spectators (not quite so secret anymore). The sounds and the sights were enough to turn my blood to icy chill on a hot summer day. That's always my criteria for a good performance. Love it I do. Love it I do.

We'd have returned for the second show today as we often do but elected instead to visit Chris and Heather in Gig Harbor to check out their new home. Love it we do. And more on that tomorrow.

This has been a good weekend.


  1. Ah. I love them too, how nice to be reminded! Our first house was located high up on Madrona, and when they used to rehearse in the days before the show, they'd come so close overhead I swear you could count the rivets on the fuselage!

    My son was about a year old one year, and because I didn't want him awakened and frightened by the noise, I kept him from his nap until after the flyover. I stood out in the yard holding him and showing him the big airplanes going overhead.

    Some days later I overheard him talking to himself in his crib, saying, "Oh, the plane, the big plane!" I'll never forget the Blue Angels for that.

  2. Fun! And how cool that you have a secret place...those are fun too!

  3. I remember doing that with you all a few years ago during Jonathan's and my trip out there together. That was so much fun--going to the little store and buying what we were going to eat for lunch, then driving to a side street and trekking down to the area you picked as our vantage point. That day and the whole trip was fun! Pleasant memories of happy times together! I still like to look at those photos.

  4. I smiled the whole time I read this post.


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