Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Finish up with your House, Please....

Eight months drag by slowly when we're talking about construction of a new home from the ground up. Last December new neighbors broke ground on the lot they purchased directly across the street from our house. The older home had to be demolished and hauled off in pieces allowing for the construction to begin in earnest. As with most annoyances like these, when the end is near, the days become almost unbearable. The noise, the trucks, the dust, the congested parking that has been going on for months has suddenly worn down my last nerve. I'm left to stew, fret, and try to fast forward myself into next month (at least mentally) when this mess will be over and we'll have relief from workmen, power tools, and the god awful vehicles that accompany them to the work site.

Seems as though seeing a pile of mulch has got to be a good sign that they're winding down to the final bit of business; landscaping. Please, oh please, let that be the case.

Meanwhile because of this monstrous garbage bin (named Re-Nu) that gets switched out several times a week by an enormously noisy, smelly, obnoxious truck, I can't park (safely) in front of my own house anymore. I have to drive up onto the grass parking strip to allow vehicles to pass in the street. More than once I've come close to a dinged fender by a someone trying to maneuver between this garbage receptacle and my parked car. Sigh.

Let's get a move on neighbors. Enough already.


  1. Amen to that. That stupid Re-Nu has been driving me nuts every time I come over. Almost there, Ma! :)

  2. Ah yes, we here in SF are constantly surrounded by rehab projects...they do seem to drag on.

  3. I remember when this project started, and it does seem like it has taken a long time. It will feel so good when it's over.

    Your Emily Dickinson quote is one of my all-time favorites by any poet. Lately I have been thinking about recapturing hope, that feeling I had years ago about the future and all the things I was going to do. Right now I would like some words with the tune, please.

  4. Hey, Kate! I've got an idea--can you check with your new neighbors about giving us a virtual walk-through the house?? After all the landscaping is done and the trucks and trash bin has been removed! Do you remember when you first moved to Seattle and you and I drove around late one night looking for a trash bin to stow all of the debris from your packing boxes?


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