Monday, August 10, 2009

August 10

Today is Mom's 92nd Birthday. Yesterday as I searched through the rack of greeting cards at the drugstore to find the card with the perfect message I had the same thought that I had last year. How many more 10ths of August will there be that I go through this small but significant ritual? Is this the last time? The imponderables.....

Today is also the day I take Dad to get a few dental extractions; not exactly the best timing but oh, well. Coordinating schedules is a challenge. Poor Dad. Yet he takes all this nonsense in stride and is far calmer than I would be were I him facing the needle and a pair of glorified pliers today.

Tomorrow is the day we've set aside to actually celebrate Mom's 92nd Birthday at the Adult Family Home. I'm hoping our cake-ice cream-punch party warms her heart as the Seattle clan gathers to sing, eat, and play in her presence. If all goes according to plan there will be young ones, five and under in attendance to liven up the show. Glen Miller big band music playing in the background; what more could we want?

Summer days move forward. We are well into August.


  1. Please give her a birthday wish from your friend in Dallas!

  2. Celebrate with abandon, as if this will be the last, and if there is another next year, celebrate with abandon again. Every year, every celebration, as if it were the last... It's the only way.

  3. Please wish your mother a happy birthday from Wayne and me. Another celebration to enjoy and cherish!

  4. Your mom shares her day with my husband, my step-mom and two good friends. Happy to wish her a wonderful 92nd!

  5. Happy Birthday Kate's Mom! Hope the parties were fun and the cake was good.

  6. H hope you had a grand birthday celebration today!


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