Monday, August 31, 2009

August Was Pretty Good After All

For all the moans and groans about my least favorite month of the year, that "dusty month" of August, these 31 days have actually been OK. It helps sometimes not to have high expectations and then one can be pleasantly surprised by how nicely things turn out. So much happens in the space of a month; the comings and goings, the events, the celebrations, the routine things, the ups and downs, the joys and pains. There's always something. Never boring. The days are alive with forward movement.

Chris started out the month with his move to Gig Harbor. Having both kids home for a good chunk of the summer was great but all good things come to an end and other good things begin. "The Harbor" is lovely and the new rental home spacious and inviting. We've made several trips down I-5 south this month to enjoy a meal out with H and C and to update ourselves on how the "house fixing" is progressing.

The Blue Angels flew over that first weekend of August as they always do and rooted out the stray cobwebs in my brain. Always clears out my head to see and hear them perform.

Mid August found us celebrating Mom's 92nd Birthday with a 1940's style swing band trio, cake, and 4 generations of family. I caught this video of Mom entranced by the music, conducting right along to the beat. She still talks about putting together another Christmas choir sometime; the choral director in her shines through. That and her love for the classroom; she'll always be a teacher.

Twas the time of blackberry picking, cobblers and sorbet as the sun ripened vines in Discovery Park offered up their bounty. Twas the time of major disgorging and cleaning of this home of ours; thank goodness for a lovely place that recycles computer parts for FREE! I've made a half dozen trips this summer with monitors, hard drives, cables, computer casings and all sorts of other ugly stuff. We are getting lighter all the time! Thanks Chris for your cooperation!

And then, late August and the day when my Birthday rolls around; the "two nickels" birthday as D likes to call it. Trying to ignore its existence didn't work and I'm glad. Our new family of five had a great meal at home and shared blackberry cobbler and chocolate cake. What's not to like about 55 anyway?

August 31, 2009. Our house is quiet. Our street is quiet. Laura is back at school Summer isn't officially over for another three weeks but it might as well be. The light is different. The leaves shimmer on the trees. We keep moving forward.


  1. Nice to hear that your birthday month treated you right!

  2. That video of Bama might be one of the most profound things I have seen in I'd say years. i am so glad you captured it and thank you for sharing.

  3. Oh, those blackberries and that dragonfly! So evocative of summer.

  4. It looks like a perfectly wonderful month to me, and you have all these photos to help you remember. Maybe your years with August have turned a corner. I love your comment about expectations - reminds me of Kelly Corrigan's mother in the book "The Middle Place" which I highly recommend.


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