Saturday, September 5, 2009

Addicted to Popping Balloons

This is my first post for September. We're already five days into the month! What have I been I doing with my time? Certainly not blogging, that's for sure.

I've been working. In fact I'm "on call" for the Labor Day Weekend. I've been running errands, visiting Mom and Dad, eating, sleeping, reading, thinking about the cougar roaming around in Discovery Park, a half mile from our house, and wasting HUGE amounts of time popping balloons.

I blame all this on Denny. He's the one that got me into this mess in the first place. I've heard him say to me for weeks when I ask him what he's doing, "....popping balloons on the computer." Right. OK. He plays games all the time. I generally ignore all this stuff. Then, a few days back he logged me on to and gave me a two second introduction to the web site's most popular game, "Poppit", complete with sound effects. He told me it was mindless relaxation, a way to chill out and forget the world. Ha!

No, not me. I'll never get hooked. This isn't my thing. Never. No way. No how. Dumb. Very dumb.


Pop. Pop. Pop.

Until my eyes blur out and I have to quit.

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