Friday, September 11, 2009


Hope. I'm embracing hope again and it feels good. For the longest time I've struggled to define this four letter word; what does it really mean? I think there are many ways to describe hope; most very personal. My friend Wendy Harpham, in her blog On Healthy Survivorship, shares a poem she wrote entitled "Hope". Her words resonate with me and I'm posting her poem here today.


Hope is an image of goals
planted firmly in your mind.
When looking at life before you,
hope lines the paths you find.

Hope is a well of courage
nestled deep within your heart.
When faltering in fear and doubt,
hope pushes you to start.

Hope is an urge to keep going,
for limbs too tired and weak.
When apathy stills all desire,
hope sparks the fuel you seek.

Hope is a promise of patience,
as you wait for distress to wane.
When all you can do is nothing,
hope pulls you through the pain.

Hope is a spirit that lifts you
hould heaviness pull at your soul.
When torn apart by losses,
hope mends to keep you whole.

Thank you, Wendy.


  1. That is a wonderful poem. I'm going to print it down and keep it in my bedside table where I keep letters, pictures, notes from dear friends- my treasures (not material treasures!) that I like to pull out and read, keep close by... Thanks, Wendy and Kate!


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