Monday, September 7, 2009

Go Whitney!

I love Whitney Houston.

Her latest album, I Look To You, went on sale last week and yours truly bought the CD at Target, drawn into the store like a moth to a flame. The eleven songs are a mix of heartfelt ballads and rhythmic tunes that make you want to take to the dance floor. Yeah! It was all I could do to drive (shhhhhh) and tear off that tenacious plastic wrap on the darn CD so I could slip it in the player and boogie on down the road to her comeback tunes. Her voice is smooth as silk, vintage Whitney, and she's gorgeous to boot. I love Whitney.

My favorite piece off the new album is Call You Tonight. YouTube offers up a pretty decent rendition although the sound off that CD blows me away. With happiness.

I wonder if she'll make any music videos like she did back in the '80's. I remember waaaaay back in 1986, while on maternity leave with Chris, I watched MTV and fell in love with How Will I Know? I'd dance around the house and if we were in the car together when this hit came on the radio, I'd sing to him. Oh, the 80's. Those were happy days and I never hear this older song of Whitney's that I don't smile.

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  1. I have one of her early albums and remember listening to it when my children were little, especially one evening when we were remodeling rooms in our house. It amazes me that certain music brings memories to life.


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