Sunday, September 13, 2009

"Homecoming Sunday"

Today was brilliant blue and delightful; a perfect late summer day in September. The day reminded me of the Sunday almost exactly three years ago when I last took Mom and Dad to church. Can it be that long that we three have been to church together? Dad has been asking me for weeks, if not months to "take us to church some Sunday" and I've been putting it off for various reasons. Today I had help and things went just fine.

They enjoyed the outing; the drive to and from, walking inside the sanctuary after a long, long time away, finding their familiar pew over on the far left hand side and taking a seat. This was "Homecoming Sunday", the start of the fall season and the choir was in full swing. Mom had talked about hearing the new organ. The music was lovely, the messages inspiring.

I sat between them, helping Dad stand whenever there was a hymn to be sung, holding the hymnal or the program steady for him so he could read the words. His voice wasn't strong but I heard him singing from "O God, Our Help in Ages Past". And, as we sat together for the the benediction and organ postlude, it struck me again how blessed I am to have these two, my parents, at ages 92, on either side of me at a Sunday service. I never thought there would be another chance.

We may try this again, especially now that I've got a helper. We may even make it to step 2 next time. What would that be? Why, none other than lunch at Taco Time!! Those crisp bean burritos and hot sauce are tradition.

It's all good.

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