Monday, September 21, 2009

Conversations with my Mother

"I bought Mama* a new purse. It a nice one; it'll hold all her things. Lots of pockets on the inside. I must pack it up and send it off to her. Funny thing about Mama though; she'll have to think about it awhile before she comes around to the idea of a new purse. Eventually, she'll like it."

"She's a bit stubborn, is she?"

"Oh, yes. But she'll come around."

"Good, I'm glad she'll like the purse."


"I'm worried about Mama. I've tried to call her but the phone just rings and rings. I can't seem to reach her. She must be out at church."


"I want to get over to the mall. There's a coat I've been looking at. Mama needs a new winter coat. She doesn't have one and the winters are so cold where she is. I want to buy her this coat for Christmas, get it sent off to her in time for the holidays. Your Dad's going to drive me over there today. I wish I could drive but they say I can't anymore."

"Dad doesn't drive anymore either."

"Really? Since when?"


"Why does everyone tell me I can't go back to teaching?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, everyone says I can't teach anymore and I'm just wondering why not. I'm a good teacher."

"I know that, Mom. You're an excellent teacher. I think it has something to do with your health and your age of 92. I don't think you'd able to hold down the job predictably. Grading papers, preparing lesson plans, getting to and from the classroom; it's all very rigorous. Wouldn't you agree?"

"Yes, I guess you're right."


*Mama: my maternal grandmother (1882 -1965)


  1. This makes me wonder what my musings will be in forty years.

  2. You are both compassionate and reassuring. I love the combination of sympathy and realism.

    Difficult. My mom's 83rd birthday is this weekend.

  3. Oh, lovely Kate. I get it all by reading it. Though full of loss it is so much fuller than what could happen in conversation (nil) with my own mother.

    92! Mine just turned 88 and she is not even close to putting a sentence together like this. This post says so much. Thanks for putting it up.


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