Monday, August 3, 2009

That First House

Yesterday as we enjoyed lunch with Heather and Chris after a tour of their new rental home in Gig Harbor, I reminisced about that first house and the many wonderful memories associated with finding a place to live and the process of turning a house (or apartment) into a home. It's great fun, energizing and fulfilling; like starting anew. We were so impressed with their new place. Chris will be living there for now and he and Heather will be working hard to get everything set up and ready for their lives together come November.

I remember back to our early days of marriage in Houston; we were lucky to be able to purchase a small, two bedroom bungalow from my brother at a great price. Denny had a lot of furniture and kitchen "stuff" having lived on his own in an apartment so we had most of the things we needed. We did have to buy appliances though; a refrigerator, stove, washer and dryer and thankfully our parents helped us out as we were still in medical school and well, rather broke. We loved that little white clapboard house with the single car garage and the big backyard with the wild rosebush. Sweet memories.

I hope the energy in this jump for joy propels these two forward into many wonderful days ahead.


  1. I watch with envy as you share in the wonders of the life your son is starting with his bride-to-be. This is such a special time for Chris and Heather, and it is wonderful that you are there to cheer them on.

  2. Ohmigod! For a second that photo looked like the porch of my house in the CD.

    Of course, a second later I knew it wasn't but it sure brought back a happy feeling! HOme! Ours! wonderful!

  3. Oh I just love this photo. It totally captures all that you described when setting sail in life as a young couple. They also look happy and like a lot of fun. That must do your heart good.


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