Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Water Bill Woes

580 bucks for a water bill? OMG! I wanted to faint standing at the table opening the bills yesterday. And then, I got mad. And then I got sad. And then I got all reflective. And then I started this internal checks and balances thing; I'll pay this bill and then I won't spend on this....

Granted the bill is for two month's usage but to my memory, is a record high. Do we have a water leak? Apparently not. D. says it's the sprinklers which have been ON this summer dutifully watering our front and back yard three times a week. I'm not so sure. Our lawn still looks like it's dead. We've had that sprinkler system in place for years and unless the system is on overdrive and the water rates have gone up considerably, something else is happening. We've done a lot of laundry; two kids at home generate a lot of dirty clothes. Extra showers this summer, beyond the norm. There have been more cycles of the dishwasher; more meals prepared, more mouths fed.

but Geez......

Now I'm mad again. That's a lot of money. It isn't the kitchen tap water that's the problem. In fact, considerable savings come from drinking that sink water instead of buying bottled water. I quit the bottles over a year ago after investing in a Brita water pitcher. Of course I could drink directly from the sink water but......"baby steps". I'm working on it.

D. "adjusted" the sprinkler system last night; he cut way back on the watering time which is fine with me. We'll wait for the rainy season to return and pour sink water on the potted plants to keep them going. As for laundry, showers, and dishwasher machine cycles? I dunno (yet). I'm thinking. But I'm pissed and that usually leads to some changes.


  1. That is a shocker. No problem with the water meter? If all is well with the system, you should see a big difference with the changes you're making. If you don't, it's worth a visit from the water district to evaluate your usage. Good luck!

  2. Sending you sympathy from Central Texas, the current drought and heat capital of the universe. I am dreading next month's bill.


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