Friday, August 28, 2009

Off for Senior Year

Here are just some of the things purchased today in preparation for senior year of college:

1. full size sheets, mattress pad and comforter; the new on campus apartments for upper class (wo)men no longer sport the extra long twin size beds. What will we ever do with the ones we have hanging around?

2. an extra pillow

3. matching throw

4. bed risers

5. under bed storage bins

6. trash basket

7. kitchen stuff

8. prescription medication

Now I'm helping her pack. What I'm not doing is driving across the state tomorrow. She and her Dad are making the trek together by prior agreement. It's all good. I hate to see her go but I know both she and I are ready. Her summer started in late April. It's time to get back to the the books and her last year of college.

Senior year should be wonderful. I know mine was. Those college years whiz by, don't they?


  1. Wishing Laura a safe trip and a glorious senior year.

  2. I sometimes wish I was a senior in college again!

  3. Our son is starting his senior year, too. He spent part of May and June with us, but went back to NYC for the summer. When they go, they go.


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