Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday, a Good Day

I like Mondays....

This year my work schedule has me off every Monday. That's probably the first reason why I like Mondays so much. After an on-call weekend, to wake up the next morning and know that the day unfolds before me unencumbered is pure sweetness. Having made the trip to visit Mom and Dad both Saturday and Sunday this past weekend, I don't have to go again today. The day is all my own. My conscience is clear.

The family across the street has finally moved into their new home. Construction has ceased! The noise, congestion, and mayhem is finally over after nine months. Hooray! We have some sense of civility restored in these parts. Nice.

The inside of this house of mine is quiet too. Denny is at work. Laura just left for her job. The hours are mine. I have no specific plans and that's just fine. I've taken to watching Netflix-on-demand on my laptop, eating ice cream, and napping with cat.

One other wonderful thing about this particular Monday is that it's not only TRASH DAY and YARD WASTE DAY, it's RECYCLE DAY too. Think of all that STUFF that is leaving our house. We're getting lighter and lighter. I like that. Sweet Monday.


  1. That sounds like the most perfect day ever. Can I come join you? I love movies, ice cream and cleaning out. Heavenly.

    Isn't it funny that the house remodel took 9 months...just like a baby.

  2. Ahhhh. Insert sigh of relief here. That really does sound like the best way to spend a Monday. What a good way to start your week.

  3. And what a great start to the week. So wonderful that you get to hug Monday to yourself.


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