Monday, July 20, 2009

Going Camping

Going Camping

Pulling out in a loaded down car,
Tent and sleeping bags stowed
Dreams of a site by the river,
Gurgling, moving, drowning sounds of people
Tasting already that first cup of strong coffee
in the crisp chill of morning.
Out there but still close
Cautious; a toe in the outdoors
Hopeful that the flies, and fire sparks, and camp dust
shake up my city brain
and, set me free.
Hopeful that the whispering pines offer a story
of wonder when darkness of night wipes out
the seen and unseen.
Hopeful that the mountain peaks dipped in snow
teach me surrender.

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  1. Have a marvelous time!! I am only just able to grab time to visit people now that we are stable in a hotel here in Paris. Have a wonderful time in the parks - are you going to campgrounds in western WA?


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