Sunday, May 30, 2010

Apartment Life; Spokane Style

I love spending time with my daughter; this time in Spokane, on her turf, in her new apartment. I am the visitor. But....I'm still her mother. Ha. Hmmm.

Her apartment is an extremely modest 2 bedroom in an old(er) development close to Gonzaga University where she graduated just three weeks ago today. Most of the tenants are students. She moved in after graduation and is sharing with a girlfriend, also a graduating senior. Laura has the apartment to herself for the summer because her roommate is spending these several months at home.

This afternoon and well into the evening I'll be on my own as Laura is babysitting; something I knew she had arranged before I decided to make the trip over for a visit. That's just fine with me. I'm always one to like a bit of "down time" when I can get on the computer, read a book, or just "be". So right now,I'm "being"and loving it. I've been out for a walk, had some snacks, drank a beer, and now am posting on the blog. Lovely.

Laura's apartment reminds me of my apartment in college; a bit worn down, sparsely furnished, with walls as thin as paper. I hear the tenants upstairs walking about with an irregularly irregular pattern; squeak, squeak, squeak. I also hear the bass on their music, "da dum, da dum da dum, dum". No dishwasher or disposal to be found here but well equipped with wireless internet, cable TV, and Tevo. Those last three must-haves hadn't even been invented when I lived in my dishwasher-less, disposal-less apartment decades ago.

The view out the living room and kitchen windows is dreary; the front parking lot and a gray wood paneled wall respectively. The view out the bedroom windows is even worse; another parking lot, carport style. The girls keep the blinds shut because there is literally nothing worth seeing. No green anywhere. I joked that she ought to purchase one of those huge Caribbean posters like this one and ask the manager if she could push pin it to the gray wall facing their kitchen window. That way, if the blinds were open they'd have a view of sorts.

Laura just called; her babysitting job is coming to a close and she'll be home soon. We might take in Sex and the City II or just hang out (although her roommate's TV gave out this weekend and that will limit options for entertainment). I'm more than happy to just read and be still but that's likely not going to fly with my daughter.

Till later!

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