Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Rhodie

early May 2010: beginning

mid May 2010: peak

How did light purple get mixed in with the fuchsia? Magic.

This rhododendron graces the eastern edge of our back yard. This beauty hardly qualifies as a bush; a tree more accurately describes the enormous size. The trunk of this rhodie (and hence the tree) emerges on our neighbor's property to the east but in this case, we reap the annual reward every May.

I sent Laura a picture of the rhodie several days ago on my cell phone. Denny and I were in the backyard enjoying a glass of wine and reveling in the colors. Since she won't be "home" this month, I thought she might like a reminder of one of our favorite sights each spring. I was surprised by her response....." Awwwwwh, I'm so sad that I can't see the rhodie, my favorite part of May." I never knew she cared that much about this gorgeous sight. Just goes to show that we don't know everything about what our kids love about being home, especially in the merry month of May!

What I love about Spring in Seattle is that it starts in February and goes through May with a steady cycling of one after the other blooming beauties.


  1. I should show this to my three tiny, fledgling rhododendrons that now live out of harm's way and under the protection of pine trees. They, too, may grow up to bloom one day....

  2. Funny how that Rhodie is so filled with 'memories'. Reminds me of a laurel tree at my folks house and how it was at 'deck' height when their house was built 35 years ago and now towers over it. I always take a photo of it when I visit them, too.


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