Monday, May 24, 2010

Cajun Style in Jacksonville

Jet lagged and weary from the cross country flights today (Jacksonville to Dallas and on to Seattle), I have enough energy tonight to get these pictures from the "Low Country Boil" posted before I call it a day.

Judy and Tina; you're the best! And to Kathy: thanks for hosting. Delicious and once in a lifetime!

Tina assembles the propane tank, stand and boiler pot

Cajun seasonings set to boil

Prepping the shrimp

The Craw Dads (Yikes!)

Boiling up the brew

Getting the pot ready to decant

Craw fish mid ride

Dig in!

"Bite dey heads....."

Cheers to Tina and Judy!

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  1. Looks like good times were had by all! Wonderful to 'soak' in the ambience, too


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