Sunday, May 16, 2010

More Thoughts on Being a Patient

Here are a few more thoughts after my 21 hour hospital stay.

1. Nitroglycerin under the tongue is not fun; gives an annoying headache and no relief from chest pain.

2. A nitroglycerin IV drip drops the blood pressure. Really low.

3. Automated compression devices for the lower legs (prevent blood clots) are hugely annoying.

4. IV morphine is very nice.

5. Low salt food tastes weird.

6. An exercise treadmill test can be humbling. How did my legs/lungs get tired so fast?

7. Attentive and marvelous care was provided me from all involved in my care from the transportation staff who wheeled me from ER to telemetry room to the Cardiologist and Hospitalist and all in between acting as a team on behalf of me, the patient; patient care techs, phelbotomists, nurses, echo techs, dietary service personnel. They were all marvelous.

When I walked out of the hospital yesterday on my own two feet, I felt heartfelt gratitude.

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  1. Very glad to hear you are well - sorry you had to go through that :-(


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