Friday, May 7, 2010

A Twelve Dollar Refund

What does one do with a $12 refund from the IRS?

I guess one is thankful that additional taxes are not due for 2009. And I suppose we thank our CPA for calculating so closely the estimated quarterly payments due. We. Did. Pay. Taxes. (mightily) This. Year. It is definitely not cool to be a member of the group who paid no taxes illegitimately.

The guy at the bank singled out our IRS refund check when I deposited it and several others earlier this week. "Congratulations on your government refund!", he remarked with a smirk.

Twelve dollars. I'm going to buy something I would never buy because it's just too out of my league. What would that be you ask? For twelve dollars?

These.....gourmet marshmallows.

These little gems are wildly expensive compared to the type I've bought all my life; the big white ones in a plastic bag, the kind you use for 'smores, the kind you gorge on late at night when there's nothing else in the house that's sweet to eat.

Ahhhh, but these little treasures are different. By weight they are orders of magnitude more dear in price and I've always wondered if they taste better. I'll soon find out. I figure I'll be able to buy about half a dozen with my twelve dollar refund. There is absolutely no other way I'd spring for these.

My review of these sweet delights later.....


  1. These look delicious! I have never seen anything like these before! (Tina)

  2. That's the best use of a refund I've ever heard of - enjoy!


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