Monday, February 14, 2011

Dad Makes Valentines

My 94 year old Dad has never shown an interest in traditional "arts and crafts". His version of hands-on projects involved the garden; his own special place to dig, fertilize, trim, and water as amazing things happened. Inside the house he excelled at hooking rugs. Beyond these interests, he never exactly excelled at "fixing things" around the house and left most electrical and other repairs to my Mom. He was always more cerebral; reading voraciously, talking, thinking and exercising his brain.

Nor has my Dad ever demonstrated any ability or interest in painting, drawing, throwing pots or sculpting. If his handwriting is any indication, I doubt that even if he had had interest, he'd have bombed out quickly or else turned into a wildly abstract artist.

His grandson Chris is exactly the same. Chris got his only D in junior high for his efforts in ART class; I ended up putting his sturdier pieces out as "yard art". I didn't think they were all that bad but...I digress.

Dad now participates in arts and crafts projects at his adult family home. He's been sending out cards........Valentines to his 2 daughters and 6 granddaughters this month.

He told me once, "I really don't like all that [crafty] nonsense but what can I do?"

It's very sweet is what it is, Dad.
Dad making Valentines
He signs all his works "DVT", his initials. Now that his hands shake so badly from Parkinson's tremor, he states proudly, "I'm a two handed writer."

Love you, Dad. Hope you have a great day today. And thanks for the Valentine.


  1. It's especially sweet since he stepped outside his comfort zone to create cards for his "girls." Hope all of you had a Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. I think it's lovely that he sent you a Valentine. Great picture of him painting.


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