Monday, February 28, 2011

Swim, Bike, Run: GO

Last Monday evening I signed up for the 2011 Seattle Danskin Triathlon. This is good; very good. It's especially good because within 5 (online) minutes I was able to convince my friend MM to sign up as well. She and I participated in the 2007 Danskin Tri but not since. It's time for round two, we agreed.

Earlier that day, I met a friend for lunch near Greenlake and arrived way early. I popped into Super Jock 'n Jill to kill some time. Opening that door was like turning back the clock. I hadn't been in that store since I purchased the running shoes that saw me through all the training and the race back in 2007. They do such a great job of fitting running shoes to the runner (or the pretend runner; that would be me....) I loved my shoes, still wear them but clearly will need a new pair for 2011. I puttered about, looking through the sale rack and found a great long sleeve aqua Nike running shirt. I bought it; I knew not why. I just wanted it for some reason. Participating in this year's Danskin Tri was not exactly on the radar screen; having lunch with my friend definitely was. Flash forward to later in the day....
That evening as I popped myself from web site to web site on the laptop, I ended up on the Danskin site.  The registration usually opens in February for the summer races...."I'll just check and see what's going on", I reasoned and lo and behold, the race was OPEN for registrants. Meant to be...

The whisper, then the louder shout...."GO", the mantra that moved me forward four years ago. Will it work for me again?  Absolutely.  I'm going to do this.

My shoulder is better. Yay! My right knee was "fixed" by a brilliant orthopedic surgeon. What's holding me back?  Time constraints?  Doubts?  Bad weather? Fear?


I'm psyched. And, in the back of my mind I hear what my beloved Mom said to me in the days leading up to the 2007 Danskin Tri..."My, but I'd love to see you race". She never did. She couldn't although she shared in my training progress and heard all about the race after the fact. Mom, in some ways, this one is for you because I know you will be there with me, watching the whole way.



  1. Good for you! That's a great goal.

  2. Kate I am so proud of you for diving into triathlon again!!

  3. Oh, wonderful!! Good luck. I wish I could do the same but running is not for a person with bad knees. But I hope your example will spur me on to swim this summer.


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