Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spokanistan Weekend

We call it Spokanistan, this the largest city between Seattle and Chicago (at this latitude give or take a little). I'm spending the weekend with Miss Laura; arriving Friday late afternoon and heading back home later on today. It's a quick trip, made much easier by flying instead of driving the 4.5 hours on potentially slick winter roads this time of year.

I'm sitting in her living room finishing up my "instant Starbucks coffee". Her roommate, owner of the coffee maker, moved out recently and took the coffee pot. My addiction to a hot cup of coffee the second I'm vertical  had us buying supplies Friday evening, intstant coffee granules infused with cocoa. Quite good actually. Laura is just up, watching TV.

We've had a great time together; lots of visiting, enjoying mojitos (homemade), great food, shopping, and last night took in a movie. Black Swan was intense, in one word. No wonder Natialie Portman won the Oscar for best actress for her magnificent performance in this film. From her body, thin and vulnerable, yet powerful to her spirit, tortured by demons and visions, yet propelled forward by the illusion of perfection, this film was riveting. Loved it. Loved it.  I also loved to see her looking pregnant and very healthy at the Oscars, such a contrast to the image portrayed in Black Swan.

Today we're going to bake a cake for her boyfriend's birthday and perhaps get out for a walk. It's partly sunny (optimistic) out and not too cold.  I don't leave until late afternoon so there's still time for more.

This next week will be extremely busy; I'm back on the hospital service for the next 7 days.  Nice to have a totally different 48 hour experience in Eastern Washington to balance out "the wards". 

Till later.

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  1. Sounds like a great getaway weekend. Haven't seen "Black Swan" but will when it comes out on DVD.


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