Thursday, March 17, 2011

March 17: of This and That

This will be a quick post; rather un-edited for lack of time.  I've only minutes before I'll head out to a very busy day and an hour commute in both directions.

Today is my niece Jeanne's birthday; she's 41 today. I remember when she was born and have watched her grow from infant to toddler to school girl to young woman to bride and mother of two. This amazing woman is a firestorm of energy and passion. Happy Birthday, Jeanne!

Today is Mark Burke's 57th birthday. He was a high school chum and a crush of mine for a number of years. He and I were paired together at our graduation and I walked on his arm into the St. Stephen's School chapel for our rite of passage into a new world at the tender age of 18. Today he's an internal medicine doc somewhere in Minnesota. I haven't seen or heard from him in decades but this day never passes that I don't think back.

Today is St. Patrick's Day and we usually celebrate with a corned beef and cabbage feast, dark bread and Guinness stout. This being a working Thursday however, we've planned our meal for Saturday and hope that Chris and Heather will be able to join us. My Dad will celebrate today with a special party at the activity center for his adult family home. He's actually rather excited; it's a chance to get out and see something different and listen to a live combo play music from his era. Good for you, Dad.

I've nothing Irish green to wear today; those shades were purged from my wardrobe a while back and I'm left with shades of olive or chartreuse which somehow isn't really green. That's OK though. I'm remembering what my Mom would do back in the days when she was teaching in Aruba. To make a point, she'd always wear something orange on St. Patrick's Day. Why?  As she explained,  "Our Irish fore bearers were from northern Ireland (e.g. Protestant) and I shall wear their color on this day."  Is their color really orange?  I'll have to research that, Mom. You were probably correct. She'd often pull out her patent leather, shiny orange pumps with the plexi-glass heels. Awesome, Mom, awesome. Your spunk made an impression of everyone.

I have no idea what I'll wear today; my closet is the next stop on today's journey. What I'd love to wear is this gorgeous green dress.....of which I wrote in this blog post.


  1. Ed always wears orange on St. Patrick's Day!

  2. We are Orange Irish or Scotch-Irish and Protestant. The British sent us over to colonize Ireland. Irish Irish wear green. I never learned about the Scotch-Irish until I went to Ireland.

  3. The colors of Northern Ireland - Protestant Northern Ireland - were orange indeed. My ancestry is Protestant Northern Ireland, but that was back in 1725. It's orange because the British king at the time of those troubles was William of Orange - who was actually Dutch. So what's in it for him? I figure that's far enough back for me to not engage in any political jockeying. I really don't have a horse in that race. So I celebrate St. Pat's day with the customary green.

    Today I wore a scarf I saved from my Mom's house after she sold it. It is a kind of olive color. Not the traditional kelly-green, but good enough.

    For dinner we had lean lamb steaks and potatoes. Irish enough, I guess!


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