Saturday, March 12, 2011

Five Months Ago....

March 12. Saturday. I've been so busy that blogging has been left behind this week.

On my drive up to visit Dad today, I thought about the date; March 12th. Five months ago, on October 12, my Mom died. That seems so long ago and yet  in other ways, I can't believe she's really gone. I often feel like she's close by and that I can pick up the phone, dial her number, and hear her voice on the other end of the line. And then, I reorient myself and remember that those days have passed.

In another month it will be six months since her death; a half year.That six month mark will land on April 12, what would be Mom and Dad's 70ths wedding anniversary.

I remember celebrating their 69th Anniversary last April. I'm so glad there was a big party with music and cake and happy memories. No sense waiting until the bigger celebration coming along down the line; best party on when you can. And party we did. What would we have said or thought had we known that six months to the day, on a crisp October day, she'd say her final goodbye?

I miss you, Mom. I miss you.


  1. I wish there was some comfort I could give you.

  2. "Party while you can" is a good motto.


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