Sunday, February 6, 2011

Welcome Back (Good) Carbs

The induction phase of the South Beach regime (diet), that luridly long two weeks, is finally over. I was "good"; overall. There were moments when the the bowl of caramels sitting on our dining room buffet called sweetly and not-so-softly to my soul. But, instead of eating ten, I made do with two and called it enough. So there. And then there was the vanilla cookie and chocolate cake lapse.

Otherwise, anything resembling bread, pasta, rice, high glycemic index vegetables (potatoes obviously but even other less obvious suspects), an anything with even a crystal of sugar was off limits.  Also: no alcohol. When I was faithful, I made do with sugar-free Russell Stover chocolate candies which tasted good going down but had the naughty habit of causing a rolling gut and worse several hours later. Sigh.

Phase 2 of South Beach is way more civilized; good carbs receive the respect they are due. Finally. Whole grain breads/pastas and certain fruits are cause for celebration. I had oatmeal with chopped pecans for breakfast instead of eggs, eggs and more eggs. Variety please. Sweet.

So far so good. I'm going cautiously with the carbs so as not to undo the results of my ENORMOUS 14 day sacrifice.Notice I said ENORMOUS sacrifice, not ENORMOUS weight loss.  But if I had to work that hard to get what I got out of this, I'd like to keep the benefits, thank you very much. I did lose some. Now, with some carb laden fuel, I'm hoping to get out there and EXERCISE. There's no way I could have done so with this crummy diet up till now; even a flight of stairs gave me "leg burn". Such is my body's need for this....

SUGAR. Sweet, sweet lovely sugar. How innocent you look.


  1. If I don't start eating sweets in the first place, I do so much better. One cookie starts the ball rolling and it's so much harder to say stop. I've never tried an official "diet." I applaud your ability to stick with it.

  2. Sugar is a slippery slope. Congrats on the progress!

  3. I just don't think I could do the South Beach diet. Carbs are my *life*.

  4. Sounds like you are on a good roll! No pun intended. :) Good for you!

    I notice that the breakdown of a sugar molecule has a couple of OHs and HOs in it. But, I guess we have to add the NO.

    Are those sugar free chocolates made with Splenda? If so, that stuff is dangerous. I had a strong gastrointestinal reaction to that stuff, with a brief stint of a packet in my 3x day tea.


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