Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday with Dad

Just after 10 AM I pulled up to the adult family home to pick up Dad for church. He was all dressed with an outfit laid out by the lead caregiver; his best white shirt, a red tone striped tie and brown trousers. Dad enjoys getting out for a church service; we try to make it once a month. We missed out on July altogether because of my on-call schedule, our annual summer BBQ, and my spur of the moment trip to Spokane last weekend.  When my sister and brother are in town, they take Dad to church. My last outing of this type was months ago. My turn.

As I helped Dad maneuver into the car, I heard a crow cawing loudly from a tall tree behind us. I listen more intently for crows of late; my Mom adored crows. I suddenly feel her presence when I see or hear from one or more of these mysterious creatures. So also does my Dad apparently. Today he shared that he looks for crows out his bedroom window and enjoys watching their antics. "Your mother loved  crows", he reminded me. Yes, I know; how well I know.

Dad studies the program
Sharing the printed hymn

When all is said and done, the experience is truly my pleasure. I may not be enthused when I leave home on Sunday morning to begin the four hour investment of my time but I finish the experience basking in good feelings. He's appreciative and most definitely made to feel a part of the mainstream. Life in the adult family home is quiet and probably very boring for him.

Although Dad's hearing aids are typically on the fritz and he misses most of the sermon, he enjoys the talents of the organist and the choir. Three very special people came over to greet him and I could tell Dad was pleased he remembered all their names even though I doubt he heard much of what they said.

I'm proud to stand with him, to hear his frail, once powerful voice in song, to share communion, and put simply, to partake in the moment with him. It may not have been church-like to use my I phone to take pictures during the service but....I did and I'm glad.

Till next time, Dad. Till next time.

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  1. Crows are highly intelligent animals. In Norse mythology Odin has two ravens (well, ravens, not crows, but related), symbolizing memory and feeling. There is something mystical about these birds. (Tina)


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