Sunday, August 21, 2011

Thanks Heather and Chris

A wonderful weekend was had by all in this house.

Tina and I,  mothers to Heather and Chris respectively, would like very much to make what went on this weekend a tradition every year. We were wined, dined and treated to a magnificent show by our eldest children. Since we share August Birthdays, Heather and Chris (that cute married couple) arranged a wonderful treat for us on Saturday. We enjoyed dinner out at Palomino in downtown Seattle followed by a fabulous performance of Les Miserables at the 5th Avenue Theatre.

Kate, Chris, Heather, Tina
The performance moved me; my first time to see Les Mis. The plot, for a first timer, can be a challenge to follow. The soundtrack is in my future; would love to immerse in the audio aspect of the show again. Marvelous.

This was definitely a Birthday to remember.  Don't worry H and C; we won't hold you to grand and extravagant adventures like this every year. Maybe every other year.  LOL. And, a big thank you!


  1. Yes, it was a birthday to remember. We are two lucky moms. Thank you Chris and Heather for such a wonderful evening! Sunday brunch was also a delicious treat, thanks to Denny and Kate. Back in Vancouver now and sad that the special weekend went by too fast!

  2. Sounds like a simply wonderful evening and birthday get together. Wishing you a fine birthday. Are you going out of town this weekend with Denny? Somewhere special? See you next week. Can hardly wait to be there. And I will be looking for berries and hoping for black berry mojitos. Sure were good.


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