Saturday, August 20, 2011

Just Like Riding a all comes back

Well, well. I'm wearing makeup again. Not that I haven't worn some but until recently my repertoire was eyebrow pencil, a bit of eye shadow, mascara and lipstick. Quick, easy and basically invisible.  Laura  would comment regularly that it looked like I had nothing on my face at all.


In the last month, my interest in putting "stuff" on my face has increased considerably, largely if not totally, due to Laura's Mary Kay mini-franchise. I've spent way too much on "products" for healthier looking skin as well as makeup galore. I must admit that my skin is looking and feeling better for the extra attention. In 2011, Mary Kay's  care-of-the face regimen is so much easier than it was some twenty fine years ago when I experimented with her product line. So, a shout out to Mary Kay. Good luck with your sales, Ms. Laura. I'll be a good customer for you.

As for makeup, I'm playing around with eyeliner after many, (many) decades The pencil tip style (dry) is everywhere and frustrates me beyond belief. I can't get the right touch and it ends up smearing and looking weird. Back in the day, in high school, I used a liquid eyeliner and made serious tracks with pristine accuracy. A skill well mastered, applying the thin stripe on my upper eyelids was a snap. Following my intense foray with lining eyes as a teen, I gave it all up for a simpler look.

Until now.

I found me some bomb liquid eyeliner from 24/7 Urban Decay today at Sephora. I'm sorry Laura, I should have ordered the MK brand from you but I couldn't wait. I craved the stuff with great urgency and bought "brand X" as your Grandfather would say. This is slick eyeliner and the coolest part of the entire experience was that the technique, long buried by the passage of time, came right back. Oh, so sweet. How nicely that slim line of contrasting color rolled off the teeny, tiny brush. Ever purchased a color called "smog"? I never thought of smog as being a good thing but as a color, I guess so.

Just like riding a bike; it all comes back.


  1. I've never been able to do eyeliner well! On the rare times I use it, I use pencils and smudge them a little.

    I wear contacts, and I'm always bugged about getting stuff in my eyes.

  2. Hoping to get a few things from Laura when I am there. A pot of rouge for one thing. I see they make them again.


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