Monday, August 15, 2011

(Some) Mondays are So Sweet

Oh my, what a wonderful day!  Monday. Monday. Monday.  This day, carries a shroud of doldrums for many as the start of the traditional work week. But, not for me. Monday is my day off.

Today is particularly sweet as the official close of a a seven day "on call" roll; a time of frenzied ups and downs, a breath here and there, dozens of phone calls, and hundreds of decisions big and small. Do this, do that, coupled with a healthy dose of questioning: did I make the "right" call considering all the variables and choices?  Go with it, get behind the decision and move forward, monitoring for a need to shift gears and move in a new direction. Change, volatility, change, uncertainty, change, surprise, change and unpredictability. By week's end, I feel ready to bask in the glow of no more responsibilities, at least for awhile.

Last night, pumped on caffeine, I was wired until after eleven but knowing I could sleep in today I didn't care. A last buzz of the pager at 5:30 AM reminded me the work continues consciously or unconsciously until the clock slips past 8 AM. Back to sleep until the bright morning sunshine and the low rumbling of the recycling truck awakened me several hours later. Sweet, sweet sleep and then the realization that there's nothing on the agenda today except for things of my choosing.

I liken this feeling to banging my head against the wall; it feels so good when I stop.

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