Saturday, August 6, 2011

DQ Tops Krispy Kreme's Stab at Soft Serve

DQ in Ellensburg, WA

I love soft serve ice cream; vanilla flavored on top of a vanilla cone. The craving gnaws at me whenever I spy a Dairy Queen franchise. The problem is (or perhaps the blessing): Seattle has no DQ outlets other than one in West Seattle (waaaaaay too far away). You've got to drive north, south, or east out of the city to find a DQ.  Find them I do whenever on the road, headed out of town. A soft serve cone is a grand treat on the road.

Last weekend there were two opportunities to satisfy my craving; on the way to Spokane Friday afternoon and again, driving home on Monday. Yum.

So white. So creamy. Just the right amount of sweetness. Ahhhh.

End of the story? Not yet. I spied Krispy Kreme's latest summer treat (Kool Kreme) advertised at the south Seattle outlet. These KK franchises are easier to find in our fine city. I thought a good stand-in for the DQ vanilla cone would be mine. Alas, no. Kool Kreme soft serve tasted gritty, flavorless, and sported a weird shade of off white. 

DQ: you've still got my vote

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  1. You know we have a DQ right in GH right? :) We should all go when you guys come down next time. Heather and I are huge fans of the mini-blizzards!


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