Sunday, February 19, 2012

Celebrating 26 Birthdays

Chris turned 26 this past Friday. Hey, how did that happen? 25 was a milestone birthday last year and now he's movin' on towards the "big three-O".  We shared a nice time over a typical V.M. cafeteria lunch. Turns out this is a treat for both of us since even though we work in the same place, we don't eat lunch together very often.

Yesterday, we drove to Gig Harbor for more celebrating with Chris and Heather. Tina and Wayne drove up from Vancouver. We'd have been the two nuclear families together again as we were at Christmas had Laura and Tim been able to join us. A wonderful day, just the same. How blessed we are to be close enough to get together like this. Very special and reminds me of decades past in Houston when we'd gather as one big family together (D's side and mine plus all the kids).

We enjoyed a great lunch (without counting points) and treated ourselves to dessert back at the house. Birthdays are just that way, you know.

Amused by the antics of the "mews" along with Belle and Boz, inspired by Chris's beer making endeavors, a lovely, warm home, and a ridiculously funny British show called The IT Crowd, I'd say it was a great day. Oh, and we listened to Adele's CD, 21 to and from the Harbor. It's all good. It's all good.

P.S. Did you know that some cats like to eat rose petals?  The Valentine roses that Chris gifted Heather were gnawed by none other than Gus. He bad.

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  1. I like the IT Crowd! Happy Birthday, Chris! I remember the day he was born. Where did the time go?


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