Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year 1916

Yesterday, Dad asked me to "go over the calendar" with him.  He pulled out the small calendar he keeps in the storage compartment of his walker along with the NY Times, a letter opener, his eyeglass case and a supply of Kleenex. I keep his calendar current with notations about upcoming doctor's appointments, celebrations, visits from the Houston family, and my work schedule. He appreciates knowing when he'll have an in-person visit from me and when we'll go for our 45 second phone conversation (my work days). He's a man of few words on the telephone.

As we looked over the last days of the month, I reminded him that February 2012 is another Leap Year. It took him a moment for this to register but when I reminded him of an important event in our family history that took place on a Leap Year in 1916, I had his attention and recollection.

What happened on February 29, 1916?  

Shirley Keyes and Lewell Thompson (my paternal grandparents) tied the knot in marriage on that date and within twenty four hours were on a train headed west to Saskatchewan to begin a new, exciting life on the plains. I wrote a blog post about this four years ago, another Leap Year.  The details are here. 

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