Monday, March 2, 2009

Gotta Get Out There....

OK's March 2nd. You've. Got. To. Get. Out. There.

I've signed myself up for two sprint triathlons; one in early July and one in mid August. Swim, bike, and run. Every day in February I reminded myself that I needed to get a plan of attack underway. So far my plan of attack has been all mental and none physical. This body needs to be whipped back into shape and it'll take some time since she's been so lazy, and so sedentary, and so tired for too long.

I'd placed my sights on March 1 as launch date for "the program" but am already a day behind because......the weather was cold and rainy yesterday. Hmmmm. Today is sunny and gorgeous. I'm going right now. Promise. Right now I'm leaving the house to walk and run a few steps to see how it feels.

I can sense my former college roommate, maid of honor, and forever friend who did a gazillion (maybe not that many) sprint triathlons last summer, laughing at me. I'm going, I'm going, I say.....

Wow, I say; this post today is my 400th on this blog!


  1. YAY! Cheering you on. Just do one thing and do the next and that's how the bod gets back into it! It's like you're starting a new habit. Within a few weeks there's that place where your body actaully starts to crave the exercise. You will get there -- imagine how good that will feel!

    These things ARE challenging, and I figure that's part of why you are doing it? If so, maybe you can look at it like --- OK, here I am, feeling challenged!

    I hope it will give you a relief from some of the crushing work that it sounds like you do, being dog tired, doing so much for others at the hospital. If it will be good for you and a balance to that, maybe that will also be motivating.

  2. You had my admiration when you signed up! I have never signed up to do any kind of athlon and can't imagine how one begins to get prepared. I feel good that I climb on the treadmill most days and walk at least two miles, which is small potatoes in the exercise world. I will be interested to hear more about your training and how it feels to get in shape.
    Congrats on 400 posts!

  3. Go Kate go! Once you start you'll get hooked again (promise!)

  4. Congrats for the blogging and for the triathalon! I am awestruck! I don't think I could do that. I'm a walker/hiker, but I don't have the stamina.

    But you're right that spring is the time to start it up!

  5. Hey mom!

    I know you will get back into shape if you just put the time and energy into it that is needed.

    I am proud of you!



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