Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tired but not Sleepy

This is a common predicament.......I'm bone tired but not sleepy. Sleepy is such a wonderful place. Relaxed, barely able to keep eyes open, drifting on the open sea until such time when precious sleep takes me hostage.

Tired is different. Tired is a mind churning with thoughts, plans, scenarios, and worries superimposed on a body that aches for rest.

My solution?

A half cup of old coffee (from this morning) warmed up in the microwave, a splash of sugar and milk to get me UP again so that I can go OUT and do my exercise routine for the day. Seattle is chilly but still sunny late this afternoon on the first day of daylight savings time.

Go, go now. I'm off.


  1. You sound like a woman in training. It's great to have a reason to be outside to enjoy the daylight as the days "get longer."

  2. Your dedication is inspiring, Kate.

  3. That sounds like me the past few days... my mind keeps constantly going whenever I try to settle down and sleep. I always have so much on my mind!

  4. I thought I wrote you a comment on this... I totally related to your first sentence. I said it to my husband the other night!


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