Thursday, March 5, 2009

She Makes me Laugh

This wonderful girlfriend of mine, the one that I have known for more years than I have not, the one the fates brought together in a tiny dorm room freshman year of college, the one who was maid of honor at my wedding and whose wedding I returned the favor as a proud bridesmaid, the one whose voice I have not heard and whose face I have not seen in over ten years but whose presence in my life stands strong, I send my love to you today.

You make me laugh.

Although you don't leave comments on my blog, I know you read every post and for that I'm grateful. You comment indirectly (we have our ways of communicating in this modern era) and I'm blessed by your loyal presence in my life, as close as a whisper. Deep down, I know if I called for you, you would be there. Vice versa. That feels good.

You make me laugh. You always have.

Two days ago I received your thoughts about my posts Courage Camille and Gotta Get Out There. With wit and creative pen you offered up a bounty of wonderful additions to my Camille alternatives and many that apply to the triathlon training theme. Great encouragement all around and I love them so much that they must be acknowledged. Here.

She ends her email full of wonderful thoughts with the following.....

"Anyway, Five-K Francesca, I wish you good fortune and speed. And whatever happens will be just fine and right for you this year.

Best wishes from:
Aimless Amy
Swimsuit Sasha
Heart Rate Monitor Hussy
Wetsuit Wanda
Triathlon Tits
Pushy Pussy
Treadmill Tess
Goggles Godiva
Motivation Molly
Upper Body Strength Ursula
Courage Cassandra...."

Have I told you lately how much I love you, dear friend? We can never say it too many times.


  1. It's so wonderful to have friends like that!

  2. What a good friend! My dear friend of 40 years reads my blog, and that includes reading between the lines. She called me last week and asked me what was going on - something I had written just didn't sound right, and she was right on. Friends who know us so well: priceless.

  3. i loved reading this. The power of friendship.


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