Friday, March 20, 2009

Of Malta, the Hypogeum, and Missing Her

The isle of Malta, south of Sicily, an archipelago of small islands really, surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea....this gorgeous place is where she finds herself today. Laura's travels have taken her to so many wonderful places over the past months. Malta sounds intriguing, full of history, archeology, and natural beauty.

Last year at a yoga retreat, we listened and danced to Jennifer Berezan's hauntingly gorgeous piece entitled Returning, 40 minutes of mesmerizing bliss. The first part of the piece was recorded in the Oracle Chamber in the Hypogeum in Malta, a sacred underground space with impressive acoustics.

I've sent her the link to the website in case she has any interest in visiting the Hypogeum. She's heard the CD of Jennifer Berezan's piece but I suspect she never expected she would find herself in Malta. The trip was just planned recently as a nice spring break get-a-way. The weather is apparently lovely in Malta year round, a nice change from the winter coat scene in Dublin and Vienna where she visited most recently.

I miss you, Ms. Laura. I wish you good times in Malta and count the days until your return.


  1. Laura has had an amazing experience - I have enjoyed her photos and posts about her travels. It will be good to have her home, won't it? There is something about having our children home safe and sound, no matter how old they are or how wonderful their away-time has been.

  2. I so love travel and reading about someone else's adventure is good substitute! Safe travels Laura.

  3. Wow, I have just been reading your link about the Hypogeum - fascinating stuff! I hope you share Laura's travels with us in your blog.

  4. I miss you too! I look forward to coming home, but I am glad I have had all these memories traveling abroad.


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