Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Behemoth

A commonality of all new home construction is the long, tirelessly slow phase of excavation followed by meticulous laying of foundation and pouring of slab, morphing into an interlude when the scene barely changes for weeks on end, yet there are people on the job site busy with doing. I know not what goes on in this quiet time, this calm before the storm, this gestation of the monster. Suddenly, the behemoth springs forth in a whirlwind of lumber, power saws and air hammers,erupting with forces strong enough to change the landscape on a daily basis.

Today, I look out my bedroom window to see the behemoth framed out, taken from ground level to peak in a matter of two weeks if that. Denny always reminds me that this is the fast phase, an eruption perhaps. I call it sad. Our view totally obstructed, this giant will dominate the block. Mrs. left a flock of her children and friends to roam the site this past weekend. I saw them perched on the upper levels, laughing and doing things that pre-teens do, obviously excited by the new construction and dreams for the future.

What brings joy to one, may take joy from another. Unless. Unless we choose to live in a state of mind that either views life as "tit for tat" or better yet, simply goes with the flow musing that "what goes around comes back around". Or, better yet, allows annoyances to be just that and moves forward without wallowing or dwelling in sorrow's kitchen. Someone that I love once advised me in settings like these to"just sit and wait". Just sit. And, wait. Another that I love once told me that "life is the great equalizer". And so, I will ponder....


  1. No way to sweeten that up...it just plain sucks. Sorry Kate.

  2. For a period of nearly 10 months several years ago, there was construction/remodeling on both houses on either side of ours AND the house directly behind ours. Since I was working at home, I was bombarded all day by the usual carpentry noises. But the worst was the really loud radios coming from three directions and all tuned to different Tejano stations! Hang in there...

  3. "Dwelling in sorrow's kitchen" ~ I haven't heard that saying in a long time. The words of advice are good ones. What else is there to do? That doesn't make it any easier....

  4. This is a sad post indeed but we will have fond memories of Mr. Matter's old house and we can just live on from here!


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